Greenland USA prides itself on developing properties that transform and sustain communities both socially and economically. To do this, we partner with the world’s leading architects and designers to draw inspiration not only from the needs of each local community, but also from our expertise in creating urban destinations. Together, with Asian design principles at our core and the latest in modern, purposeful and innovative architecture, we develop properties that become integral to the fabric of each neighborhood that fit seamlessly into its environment while also reimagining skylines and streetscapes across the country.
Whether you drive an hour to work or walk down your hall to your home office, we are all striving to find balance. At Greenland USA, we understand that every minute comes with opportunity cost so we develop properties that help you make the most of every day. From easy access to multiple modes of transportation, to putting the work-live-play lifestyle at your doorstep, Greenland USA develops properties that suit our modern lifestyles.
With our parent company’s roots in China, Greenland USA integrates Asian design philosophy into each of our properties. Ample green space is often a signature component, drawing from the power and wisdom of nature to help us connect with each other, release our stresses and appreciate our environment.
Greenland USA understands that it is people that create vibrant communities that thrive over time. With our focus on large-scale, mixed-use properties, we work closely with local governments and organizations to understand the needs of the community and develop infrastructure to support its growth and longevity; from affordable to luxury housing, to office space for small businesses, to schools for young families, to medical facilities and community centers, we approach our properties, and the communities they serve, holistically.
Greenland USA

One Metrotech Center, STE 1802
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Metropolis Sales Gallery

877 Francisco Street, Ste 177
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Open Daily 10AM-6PM

Pacific Park Brooklyn Sales Office

179 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217


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